About MDBC

In acknowledgement of our 100 years of local service on Sunday 24th May 2020, we gratefully honour our timeline of Pastors and look forward to our future…

Around 1914, Rev R Sayce (pioneer missionary to Wondai since 1911) began services for Baptist families who had settled on land in the Murgon scrub.

Home Mission Pastors

1919  Ps E Davidson

… Murgon Church was constituted, 30/05/1920

1921  Rev A E Smith

… land was purchased for a church building, 1921

1921-1924  Rev R Y McAllister

1924-1925 Rev A J W Chisolm

1925-1928  Rev F J Pell

1928-1934  Rev B Honke

1934-1935  Rev R F Smith

1936-1937 Rev C V Barnard

Autonomous Pastors

1937-1938  Rev C V Barnard

1939-1949  Rev H Avery

1949-1952  Rev R Y McAllister

1952-1955  Rev R Hodgson

1955-1958  Rev P A Johnson

1959-1967  Rev F H Varnes

… Murgon church hall was built, 1960

… original Murgon church building sold to Church of Christ, 1961

… new Murgon church building was constructed, 1965

1969-1973  Rev W W Solomon

1973-1977  Rev G Davies

1978-1989  Rev R Wilson

1989-1989  Rev P Horell

1990-1995  Rev M Olsen

1995-2001  Rev N Nicolls

2002-2008  Rev D Limkin

2009-2013  Rev S Gellatly

2014-2018  Rev G Carle

2016-2018  Ps A Clayton

2019-present  Rev C Downes